AnnOyence : illegal mobile inspector.

okeyh.. I actually have drafted this post but accidentally deleted it. stuped!
AnnOyence - ialah siri saket jiwa ngn orang; edisi siapa makan cili dia org negeri sembilan terasa pedasnya.


You know, there's one time you ask me:
"dude! lemme look at your phone aa.."
Then I answer..
"What for? Same function wattt..."
"aiyah..have a look oni maa..Your phone beri naisss~"

When it comes to my phone, I will automatically becomes skeptical..mainly...

Not because...

- I have any malay .3gp on my gallery
- Or any XXx pics as my wallpaper

- or ashamed at my 70's style phone

- or my phone too technical for you to meddle with
- or my E63 too expensive for you to handle...lololoollol!

But merely due to...
You will always end up looking at my picture gallery...
Watskah??! When I completely have not give you the right to look at my pics. Not that my pix are exclusive and vogidevas.

Don't you know a mobile phone is a personal property! Is it that hard to ask??!

More "hairy" (bebulu) sometimes you even purposely open my SMS inbox! Waffak!! (Ko nk bace skendelos2 max eh?! takde manenyer..max suci keyh!)

One skill you need to have is a ''muka-tidak-bersalah" face. That way, it's not easy to be caught and proceed the activity of interest on your pasttimes kan?

cait! pura2 gelak mak wat lawak eaa..padahal nga nengok inbox aku.

Not that I'mma mean n stingy scrooge for not giving you my mobile phone but I think it's not right for you guys to be looking at other people's phone folders all you want. It's worse if you didn't ask permission before looking thru others mobile phone.

This is how I react when you do that. (in my mind of course)

Therefore, this really becomes one of my problem since my phone does not have a password protector apps. It becomes vulnerable to you guys phone inspectors! dem~

ok. finish raging.
back to my human body parts collections.

"stop calling! stop calling! I dowanna think anymore!!~"


farhana said...

Ohhhhh..tersangat annoying itu orang..
Kalau kami, dah bagi jelingan maut dan merampas hp itu selaju kilat...

oyen said...


Fana, sungguh hati kering!~~
Teach me how dear guru....

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