Tarikh atas! (update)

Halo halo halo hai...

Mere naam Oyen. My life is very boring nowadays. I remember my life and my blog used to be very colorful and interesting. I wonder where they've gone??

Well, for a quick update, now I have been working at one renowned fashion photographer...Nigel Barker! Wait, wait...that's a dialog..Ok I am working at a very tall building now and one of my friend call it menara jagung. Work's not that stressful, but the people are...I don't even know I have this stress syndrome until now. I don't think I felt this stressful even in exam at my student life. Demmit!

Thanks to moral support from my lovely family and also my love! I think I am going to bear it well, as long as it doesn't go over my limitation. Once it reached, I don't think I could pull it off together again.

I just got to know that Celcom has recently launched the new plan for Iphone4...Dang it!!!!!

I wanna I wanna I wannaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!
Especially the whites!!!!


Oh btw, this is another community service awareness, about the Acid Attack that terrorize the whole female population in the city of Kay Ell. I guess you ppl had seen the sketches of the man who allegedly splash acid on female pedestrians and in vehicles. That scares the hell outta me, cause all the location of the previous attack is literally one minute apart from where I am staying. My mom told me to drive to work from now on. Uish...It's gonna be a 5 minutes drive, and 30 minutes of U-turn, searching for parking spots, and walking towards the building. It's totally overtimed compared to my 20-minutes-top walk from my home to the workbuilding. What to do...As long as that monster is on the loose, we the women of KL would innocently be  one of their target. Just waiting to be attack. 

Beware people, acid attackers are more violent than your....(fill in the blank)


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