Sempena hari Annoying sedonia..

Hey Bitches!

one day, I was hangin out with my friends, and one of my friend kept calling me Hey oyen! Hey! Hey Oyen!... I wuz like WTF? too many times!.but I do not easily get annoyed by such pestering...Whether my patience are really thick! I'm just weird. demn.

btw, thanks to my friend I finally met with another Oyen..erm, i mean Orange....I fell in love with another annoying thing other than myself..Yap, I annoyed myself sometimes...

You can call me slowpoke or tertinggal train or whatever! 'll just post up for people that had never get annoyed nuff in their whole life!


The Annoying Orange <--link YT channel

tgk yg early2 ones..
Ep 1: Hey Apple!

Ep 2: Plumpkin.

Ep 3: Toe-May-Toe

Yang fakap tu, others yang annoyed by this orange semua turned up with horrible and injusticed ending! kasihan btol!

Yang sangat annoying ialah, orange ni suka nganjing orang, calling ppl names, giving stupid jokes!, and the most annoying part is it's laughes. damn annoying! and yet lovable. ahaks! he's my annoying idol.oh!

erm, oh for more annoying-ness,pls go to Annoying Orange's channel in Youtube..

enjoice fellas!

Oh! I am AnnOyen!


lovelyadibah said...

babes..sapa annoying 2??hukhuk~...bila nk hangout lg nie??sedey jap~

oyen said...

ornge tuh la annoying...
oyen pn annoying gak...
haha! aa?
tula sedeyh taleh hangout memalam gik...siang sme BZ..huk!
nnt b4 ai abis lam next week kita roger2 kayh!


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